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Phil Lloyd
Phil Lloyd

Welcome to Color Kilims UK

I'm Phil Lloyd, and my passion lies in discovering exquisitely colored pieces woven by the Nomadic tribes and village dwellers of rural Turkey, Afghanistan, and Iran. The thrill of searching for these unique and tactile furnishing items is my joy.

I specialize in finding weavings that stand out, with a preference for more modest and less pretentious handwoven domestic pieces, crafted for the original artisans' personal use. The genuine nature of these weavings becomes even more precious when you consider the challenging conditions under which they are made.

Our collection of Tribal rugs, kilims, grain sacks, and cushions is ever-changing, with fresh items regularly added. If you're in search of quality furnishings, you're more than welcome to visit us in Hampshire. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while exploring our diverse stock.

In sourcing our Tribal weavings, I prioritize making fair and honest deals. This traditional approach ensures that every buyer leaves content, having acquired a floor covering or wall hanging they love, at a fair price.

A handmade rug or kilim is a lifelong acquisition, often outliving its owner. It's crucial to genuinely enjoy it. Take your time scrolling through our various sections and viewing the photos. We've endeavored to provide accurate colors and images. After exploring our offerings, I hope you find a beautiful, long-lasting rug or kilim for your home.

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